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The boss of this company commonly use very foul and abusing languages and misbehaves with employees. With no shame, he often take employee's mobile and review the call logs which I personally believe is someone's personal life and he has no right to peek in there.

He do these things to keep track of which employee is being contacted by which company. He ususally ask his recruiter to call us from various PCO and no. to check if we are looking for change and if s omeone falls into his trap, he stop their salary. I left this company in Dec 2010 after working there for 2 years WITHOUT ANY RAISE AT ALL and at 2 occasions he stopped my salary for 2 months.

I had to work because I had a bond with them. if someone tries to breach the contract, I have heard he send people at his house to fetch him and beat him.

I somehow managed to run out of this company I would suggest no one to joine this company. This is a jail with no exit.

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Bad company to work - Binary Semantics

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This is the most *** company with top most idiotic managers. Top executives will take life of juniors by imposing unnecessary work pressure.

This company has very bad working environment. The TLs provides no encouragement and unnecessary exploitation is done. No employee retention plan is in place and few top panel people can suck your blood whichever they want because there is no one to stop them. For junior level employees this place is a living ***.

Super discouraged I had been here.

Would never suggest anyone to join this company. It is better to be unemployed than to work at binary Semantics.

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